Alcohol and substance abuse in South Florida is at an all-time high. However, due to budget cuts, high cost of health insurance and lack of public resources, the help available to individuals and families suffering from substance abuse has declined. It is for this reason that government, state, county and city officials have joined together, along with the private sector, to help raise private funds to ensure that people and families affected by substance abuse in South Florida have the support, resources, and tools needed to become productive as they move back into society. The newly formed “South Florida Coalition against Substance Abuse” is a non-profit organization in the process of obtaining 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status.

These officials and the private sector will work together to:

  • Bring public awareness to the growing problem of alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Educate adults, adolescents, and children about available resources.
  • Provide private funds for ongoing treatment resources for those individuals who cannot afford outpatient support when they leave treatment centers.
  • Provide support for job guidance and other supportive services for recovering alcoholics and addicts.
  • Provide funds for treatment facilities that need positions staffed.
  • Provide funds for family counseling for recovering alcoholics, addicts and their families.
  • Provide funds for advocating for additional treatment centers in South Florida and their programs.
  • Provide resources to help recovering alcoholics and addicts prevent relapses and to reinforce purpose for individuals and families.

Board of Directors of the South Florida Coalition against Substance Abuse:

  • Chairman, Peter Sesso, Chairman
  • Secretary, William Adkins, M.D., Secretary
  • Treasurer, Bob Bozzone, Treasurer
  • William Romanos, M.D.
  • Margaret Luce
  • James Sugarman
  • Dan Werner
  • Phillip Causey
  • Stuart Putnam
  • Dan Anderson